Smug College Student Whines About Capitalism, When The Professor Gets Through With Him…He’s SPEECHLESS


Dr. Yaron Brook really knows his stuff.  A student questioned the pay of working conditions in overseas factories, where workers make about $2 per day.

Dr. Brook argues that there are two ways the situation can end.  First, by paying lower prices, workers learn a skill.  On the other hand, if companies are forced to pay higher prices, they abandon the factories and the workers languish in poverty.  Once the professor puts this into perspective, it’s obvious which is the better option.

Free markets help impovershed societies.  To quote the lecture:

“…And there’s no way for them to get to the point to be as rich as you are, unless they go through that phase.  And if you deny them the ability to make two bucks a day, by insisting the companies pay four, and therefore they withdraw completely from the market.

Because you know what?  I’m not paying 600 bucks for this. I’ll pay 300. And if I stop buying this, who suffers? That Chinese kid, who’s right now making, whatever, three bucks a day or whatever. Right? And his alternative is to go back to the farm and you know what they did on the farms? Forty years ago and the Chinese were all producing agriculture they were dying of starvation. Forty to 60 million Chinese died of starvation under Mao. Suddenly you’ve given them opportunity to actually attain middle-classhood, to learn a skill, to have a profession, to make money to make themselves into something.”

While it would be ideal to pay such workers more money, it’s just not possible with so many factors at play.  Unless, of course, liberals want to start paying astronomical prices for overseas products.  These societies are industrializing, much like America did back in the 20th century.

Sadly, many college students today are taught by out-of-touch professors.  Like many liberals, they preach about giving away handouts.  It was refreshing to see a professor give young minds a real perspective of the way that the world works.

If only there were more professors like this in the world.  Unfortunately, most of the people that think along these terms are too busy contributing to society.

Watch the video below:


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