Spurs Coach Popovich SLAMS Trump For NFL Comments: ‘Our Country Is An Embarrassment To The World’


The San Antonio Spurs coach and longtime liberal Gregg Popovich decided to share his perspective over President Donald Trump’s latest remarks about players taking a knee during the National Anthem, saying Monday:

“Our country is an embarrassment to the world. Players who decided to protest the national anthem have our full support. No matter what they might want to do or not to do, it is important to them to be respected by us, and there is no recrimination no matter what takes place unless it’s ridiculously egregious.”

The coach then decided to coach everyone on racial politics:

“People have to be made to feel uncomfortable. Obviously race is the elephant in the room and we all understand that. Unless it is talked about constantly it is not going to get better. Because you were born white you have advantages. Many people can’t look at it, it’s too difficult.”

 popovichPopovich didn’t stop there… he went after NASCAR!

Popovich then ripped into NASCAR owners who recently threatened to fire employees who sat for the national anthem, saying their perspective is:

“Childishness … gratuitous fear-mongering. I had no idea that I lived in a country where people would actually say that sort of thing. I’m not totally naïve, but I think these people have been enabled by an example that we’ve all been given. You’ve seen in Charlottesville.”

Here’s the almighty and intelligent Ben Shapiro’s take on Popovich’s BOLD AND IDIOTIC perspective:

“There are a bevy of problems with Popovich’s perspective here.

First, talking constantly about race does notalleviate racial problems — it exacerbates them. That’s why polls show consistently that race relations were better before President Obama took office: by elevating racial discourse back to the center of our national consciousness, we reopened wounds that had been healing.

The notion that being born white in the United States represents an unspoken privilege is unsupported by data. If that were the case, Asian-Americans would not be the highest-earning group in the United States; if that were the case, single white mothers would be better off than married black parents (they aren’t, by a long shot); if that were the case, we would expect to see white life expectancy continuously rising, rather than falling again. Judging people’s circumstances based on color rather than actual individual background is racism.

Finally, connecting all of this with Charlottesville rather than a natural backlash to the cultural warfare waged against patriotism by the hard-core left is myopic at best.

But at least Popovich continues to win brownie points with the leftist media.”

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  1. CPH

    September 26, 2017 at 6:52 am

    Its true that the nfl is a complete embarrassment to the sportsmen of the world. The nfl has no respect for their country or anyone blind enough to be a fan of the lowly nfl. Boycotting the nfl is the right thing for those that love the USA. Not only do they not respect the people of the USA but they make huge profits by overcharging to watch and the food and drinks at their stadiums are nothing but a huge ripoff. BOYCOTT nfl MATTERS.

  2. Melvin

    October 7, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    Hey Popovich,

    Look at the last three years Hillary was in office. I think that is the largest embarrassment the USA has ever had. Yet, you overlook that. How about Haiti ? Payoff for favors from Her time in office. Look at the Clinton Foundation and who where their donors. The list goes on and on. More corruption than the USA has ever known. Yet the AT does nothing about it! That makes our legal system look equally as bad.

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