Slightly over a hundred people showed up at Stars Cabaret in Bend, Oregon Thursday night to watch Stormy Daniels strip.  Daniels made the national news after claiming she had a sexual encounter with the President of the United States.

Cashing in on her infamy, Daniels (AKA Stephanie Clifford), booked performances at three strip clubs in Oregon as part of her nationwide Make America Horny Again tour.

Her performance Thursday was the first of an Oregon leg that also included strutting naked in Salem, Oregon’s capital, on Friday and Tualatin, near Portland, on Saturday.  The shows were promoted as meeting history in person.


A drunk patron threw his wallet at Daniels in the middle of her Bend performance, cutting it short.

The 39-year-old porn actress at the center of a Trump administration “scandal,” was dancing to Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” wearing only high heels and one garter when she was hit in the face with the wallet.  Shocked, she threw the wallet back at the man, then ran off the stage.  The crowd booed as an announcer said the show had to be stopped.

Daniels was not hurt, but Bend police arrived and interviewed the patron outside the club.  “I was being wasted,” the unnamed patron told police.  Daniels refused to press charges, and the man was let go, free to walk home.


Daniels arrived at the club about 9:20 p.m. and was hustled through a back entrance by two bodyguards, one of them former Dallas Cowboy Travis Miller.

Inside, as the crowd waited for this porn actress turned Democrat icon, Daniels set up a meet-and-greet for fans willing to pay $20 to have a photo taken with her.  She sold T-shirts that read “#TeamStormy” and DVDs of her adult movies.  One woman had Daniels sign a pair of panties.


As Daniels’ show, delayed by hours because her luggage was lost by an airline, approached, the club remained crowded.

Daniels finally took the stage right after 1 a.m. dressed in a patriotic bustier and long red skirt that flowed down to her high heels.  The crowd yelled, “We love you Stormy,” as she pranced around the stripper pole to the song “American Woman.”

Daniels removed items of clothing and dropped to the floor, while the crowd chanted, “Stormy, Stormy, Stormy.”  When she was down to only high heels and one garter, the drunk man threw his wallet.

Three young women from Bend said it was an opportunity they couldn’t pass up.  “The owner of this club called it making history,” one of them said.  “We are going to see the woman who had sex with our president.”

The cost of seeing a bit of history in Bend was a $20 cover charge, but seats were reserved closer to the stage for an additional $15 to $25.


Some customers showed off their politics:  One man wore a hat that read “Make America Great Again” while another man wore a T-shirt that read “Elect a Clown, get a circus.”

Daniels had performed in Bend once before, at Stars Cabaret in November 2008.  The show did not have the same fanfare, even for Stars Cabaret co-owner Randy Kaiser.

“Quite honestly, I didn’t remember,” Kaiser said.  “I have no recollection of her being here.”  Of course you don’t, Mr. Kaiser, one stripper is just like another, unless she claims she had sex with a president.

Diane L. Gruber

Disgusted Oregonian

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I am a proud American who is tired of biting my tongue for fear of making a Liberal mad; for fear of being called racist because I believe in the Rule of Law; for fear of damaging my license to practice law. NO MORE!!!! Conservative-minded citizens have stayed silent for decades while Liberals have caused significant damage to American culture and to our nation. I lived in a Third-World Dictatorship. Generation after generation had been trained to kow tow to the government. They were afraid to discuss ANYTHING about the government even in the privacy of their own homes. My "Time" magazine arrived with articles cut out, after the censors got through checking it for heresy. With Political Correctness and "hate speech" rules, we are already halfway to officially losing our precious Freedom of Speech. If we want anything of value to remain for future generations we need to act now, rally in the streets now, speak out now. Don't be cowed.

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  1. Sally J Becker

    May 19, 2018 at 9:36 pm

    She is getting desparate with her lawyer all but abandoning her. Deparate people do stupid things.

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