The Story Behind This Viral Photo of Elderly Women in Waist Deep Flood Water is Insane


The story behind this viral photo from the greater Houston-area stumped everyone  on Sunday. It looked so absurd, that people thought there was no way it could be real… right?


In the picture that’s now gone viral, you can see elderly women who appear to be in a nursing home, going about their normal business, as they sit in flood water up to their waists. One woman is even knitting in the deep water, acting as if it isn’t there.

The photo was uploaded via Twitter Sunday around 9:00AM CST by Timothy McIntosh from Tampa, Florida, pleading for people to retweet it and for people to help save the elderly residents.

According to the Galveston County Daily News, it’s McIntosh’s mother-in-law who owns the La Vita Bella nursing home in Dickinson, Texas, a town between Galveston and Houston. The picture’s authenticity was then put into question, but later confirmed by Dickerson city officials.

McIntosh’s plea for help worked because later that afternoon, 15 residents were rescued. Dickinson emergency management coordinator David Popoff told the newspaper they airlifted the residents from the facility saying:

“We were air-lifting grandmothers and grandfathers.”

McIntosh later celebrated the rescue tweeting:

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