Suspected ISIS Suicide Bomber in Nigeria was Only 10 Years Old

This news is really hard to take, not only did one little girl commit to the suicide bombing a second one was killed by a lynch mob. Both of those deaths could have been prevented!

According to Breitbart- A 10-year-old girl used as suicide bomber detonated an explosive and killed herself in a New Year’s Eve attack in Maiduguri, Nigeria. Although no group or individual has said they are responsible for the attack, using women and little girls is consistent with the tactics of the ISIS-affiliated group Boko Haram.

The little girl blew herself up around 9:30 p.m. after she went into a market where people were gathered buying noodles from a food vendor. Only one person was seriously hurt but it was reported that the little girl “died instantly,” according to Yahoo News.

“The girl was clearly not more than 10 and this could have made her too nervous, making her to detonate the explosives prematurely,” the aid worker told Yahoo News.

The news outlet reported that there was a second female suicide bomber which was “caught and lynched” by an angry mob. Security officials safely detonated the bomb.

Via Yahoo:

In December two girls aged between seven and eight detonated explosives in suicide attacks on market in the city, injuring 19 people.

Authorities blamed the attack on Boko Haram, whose seven-year insurgency has killed 20,000 people and displaced 2.6 million others. The conflict has spilled into Nigeria’s northern neighbors.

Saturday’s attack came a week after Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said the jihadist group had been routed from Sambisa forest, its last stronghold in Borno state.

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