The right to bear arms is in the U.S. Constitution.  Amendment II, ratified December 15, 1791, reads in full:  A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


Since owning and bearing arms is a constitutional RIGHT, and since some Americans cannot afford to buy a gun, should taxpayers help those who have trouble exercising their Second Amendment Rights?  Should tax dollars be given to the National Rifle Association for them to set up a program to provide poor people with guns & training?  It could be argued that poor people need more help than others in protecting themselves against crime.

This writer got this brilliant idea from Tucker Carlson, on his Labor Day Special of the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show.  Tuck was interviewing a pro-abortion activist who had all manner of illogical excuses for why taxpayers MUST fund Planned Parenthood’s abortion mill.  If not, according to her, women would be FORCED, FORCED, FORCED to get pregnant and have babies.  More about her lunacy later.


The great thing about Tucker is how he deals with Liberals.  He has many, many Liberal guests on his show.  He asks them questions, often sits there with a confused look on his face and let’s the lunacy of their ideas spill forth.  Tuck has the patience of Job, and rarely cuts them off, but last night he cut this abortion advocate short & moved on because she refused, flat refused, to answer any of his questions.  He gave her multiple chances, but all she wanted to do was spout the abortion talking points.  She would not participate in a discussion because she knew that her ideas don’t hold up under scrutiny.

The most brilliant question Tucker had went something like this:  Abortion is not in the Bill of Rights, yet taxpayers fund Planned Parenthood who has provided abortions to millions of women.  He pointed out that bearing arms IS a constitutional right, so why shouldn’t taxpayers fund the NRA? 

Tucker is a man after my own heart: We all benefit by letting a Liberal prattle on because this gives everyone the chance to hear the nonsensical ideas that have done so much harm.  Americans need to be fully exposed to how/why/when/where/who we got where we are in America today.  Only if we understand that Liberal ideology has been creating 90% of our public policy for 50+ years, do we have any hope of improving life for Americans and preserving our freedoms for generations to come.


The Liberal on Tucker’s show thinks Americans are stupid, or maybe she is so stupid she really believes that women do not have free will.  She made it clear during her appearance with Tucker she doesn’t know that, before getting pregnant, each woman has made multiple conscious decisions to arrive at that result.  Let’s list each decision that needs to be made prior to conception:

  • The woman decides to go to the store and buys over-the-counter birth control, or not.
  • The woman decides to go to the doctor and ask for a birth control prescription, or not.
  • The woman decides to go to a pharmacy and submit the birth control prescription, or not.
  • The woman chooses the man.
  • The woman decides to have sex.
  • The woman chooses to have sex during the fertile phase of her cycle.
  • The woman has sex with the man, without birth control.
  • The woman conceives.
  • The woman decides against having an abortion, despite the fact that it is legal and FREE at Planned Parenthood.


Nope!  The pregnant woman thought about it, made numerous decisions, and decided to expose herself to the (almost) certainty that she would become pregnant.  Liberals, as they are putting their hands in your back pocket, would claim that it is society’s fault that this woman is “suffering” from the consequences of her own actions.

So long as the taxpayers are forced to give $500 Million a year to Planned Parenthood for abortions that are NOT required under the Constitution, the same amount should be given to the NRA to support a Constitutional Right.

Diane L. Gruber

Common Sense American

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