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Ten-Year-Old German Boy Raped by Migrant Classmates on School Trip


Ten-Year-Old German Boy Raped by Migrant Classmates on School Trip.

A ten-year-old German boy from Berlin, Germany was raped by three of his classmates who are asylum seekers from Afghanistan and Syria. For elementary aged children to have done this, shows the types of things they were exposed to in their own culture. It’s disgusting.

The children were on a school trip to Schloss Kröchlendorff, a castle in Germany. The class was supposed to engage in different outdoor activities while they were on their school trip but this little boy was victimized instead. The ten-year-old boy was reportedly harassed by the boys before the incident saying, “We f*ck you today.” Two of the boys were eleven and the other was ten.

The eleven-year-old boys held down the German boy while the ten-year-old sexually abused him. Two other students witnessed the attack but didn’t tell anyone. The victim is the one who confided in a school social worker who then told his parents, teachers and the police. The school did take a stance against the asylum seeker kids, they were suspended and then expelled from the school.

The ten-year-old who raped the German boy has gone through psychological evaluation and is no longer allowed to attend regular schools. The two eleven-year-old-boys who helped in the assault, on the other hand, were allowed to return to other schools. The victim refuses to return to school after this incident.

Sexual assaults have been on a steady rise in Germany since letting more migrants into the country. Last year, the government in Bavaria revealed that migrant sex attacks had increased by a massive 91 percent while in Berlin, migrants make up to half of the total criminal suspects.  Via Breitbart. 

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