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The Mainstream Media and the Democrats have been working overtime these last two months to demonize President Trump, demonize members of the Trump Administration and demonize GOP House & Senate members.  And their demonization extends to their fellow Americans, the normal ones.

The screaming and hysteria is getting worse and worse.  Why?  The Loony Left wants to distract Americans, especially voters, from the tremendous & numerous improvements that have occurred since the 2016 presidential election.  To that end, they organized and funded the “migrant caravan” that grew from several hundred Hondurans into 7,000+ people (70% young, single males) from who-knows-where.

One “migrant” was so confident he could get in that he admitted to a reporter, on camera, that he had been deported from the US earlier after being convicted of Attempted Murder.  Doesn’t America have enough homegrown murderers?  Should we import them?


The current caravan was timed to push the border & immigration issues to the breaking point prior to the midterms.  With it the Dems & their spokespeople (the MSM) hoped that this would portray Trump and GOP candidates as heartless, if they don’t let the hordes cross the border.  Once again, Democrats show how little they know about normal Americans.

As Americans are deciding how to vote, the Dems have put on display just how little they care about the safety & the needs of Americans.  Screeching that foreign strangers are more important than Americans, Democrats’ betrayal of the American people is on full display.

At the same time, Dems accidentally highlighted that Trump and the GOP are the only ones with a plan to protect Americans and American sovereignty.  Somewhere in this melee, Americans finally found out what their gut has been telling them for years:  there are far more than the 11 million illegal aliens the Dems have been claiming.

Dems are now admitting there are 22 million illegal aliens currently living in America.  That means there are probably over 30 million.  Normal Americans are wondering when this 30+ year invasion will end.  Will it end when there are enough Democrat voters that we have a one-party political system?  Will it end when our entire social services system goes bankrupt?  Will it end when our public school system is destroyed?  Will it end when American taxpayers are not able to take care of their own families because the Feds force them to support foreigners? 

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Hoping that overwhelming numbers of illegal aliens will overwhelm taxpayers, our legal system, our communities, our school districts and our voting booths, and overwhelm President Trump, the well-funded open-border groups just announced plans to create three or four more caravans of those who want to break our laws.


Another reason for the “migrant caravan” at this time was to distract Americans from the best economy since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

In less than 24 months the economy has clawed its way out of a 17-year-long stagnation, the worst in U.S. history, creating so many new jobs that the only unemployed Americans are those who don’t want/need to work.  And the average hourly wage increased (to $27.30) for the first time SINCE OBAMA TOOK OFFICE.  Yes, I said Obama.  Obama intentionally kept the economy stagnant in order to keep Americans financially dependent on government and voting for Dems to “help them.”

Remember when Obama bragged about adding 270, 000 new low-wage jobs in one fiscal year?  The Trump economy added 450,000 new jobs, high-paying, low-paying and everywhere in between, IN JUST THIS SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER.


The Democrats of 2018 are hellbent to stop the booming economy.  When Americans feel confident that they can take care of themselves and their families, they don’t need government as much.  Dems have gained their power over decades by suppressing the economy, stifling the work ethic, and making Americans more & more dependent on government.

If Dems take over the House, they will be in a good position to stifle economic growth.  They believe, if the economy tanks, Trump will not be re-elected in 2020.  DEMS DO NOT CARE THAT THIS WILL HARM MILLIONS OF AMERICANS.  While they may not be able to overturn some of the Trump policies that are already in place, if Dems take control of the House, there will be no more tax breaks for the middle class, nor additional deregulation to help the economy.  Indeed, Nancy Pelosi has proudly stated that she would make killing the Trump Tax Cuts her top priority.  NANCY WANTS YOUR CRUMBS BACK!

Diane L. Gruber

Normal American

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