This Is The Tweet That Reveals Everything You Need to Know About The Democrat Party






When The Democrats Voted To Shut Down The Federal Government, The American

People Were Watching.

President Trump promised to put America first. That’s exactly what he is doing. Americans are starting to realize who’s Patriotic, and who cares about Illegals over Vets. Millions of American dreamers live right here in Ameerica. Guess what? They’re AMERICAN CITIZENS! How about we help them before we help kids here illegally?





DACA began as an executive order by then-President Barack Obama in 2012. President Donald Trump, a longtime critic of his predecessor’s immigration policies, announced last September that he would be phasing the program out, with an end of the executive order in six months time.

However, Trump and Republican lawmakers have indicated they want to work on a legislative fix to the program and have since been in talks with Democrats on the issue.

Illegal immigrants who benefit from DACA are known as “Dreamers.”

Despite the program not due to expire until March, Democratic lawmakers demanded that the current budget deal address DACA in order to win their approval.

Speaker Paul Ryan was able to push through a spending bill in the House of Representatives, where the GOP enjoys a strong majority. However, in the Senate, where Democrats are in near-parity with the GOP and a spending bill must pass a 60-vote threshold, negotiations stalled throughout the weekend.

Democratic senators, many of them with 2020 presidential ambitions, hit the airwaves to make their case.

Sens. Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris have made near identical statements regarding the status of Dreamers in the country.

Bongino’s point is that Democratic rhetoric regarding Dreamers come as a sharp contrast to their treatment of another segment of the U.S. population: the millions of Americans who pulled the lever for Donald Trump on Election Day — people whom Hillary Clinton once referred to as “deplorables” during a campaign event.

Her line proved to be damaging throughout the 2016 presidential election. During the second presidential debate, CNN moderator Anderson Cooper even asked Clinton how she could unite a country when she’s written off “tens of millions” of Americans, according to The Washington Post. Her comment continued to draw ire from the Right.

While Clinton has expressed regret over her comments, numerous Democrats have continued to question the integrity of many Trump supporters.



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  1. CPH

    January 23, 2018 at 2:46 pm

    All I want to know is when the democrat obstructionist party will be disbanded.

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