Thug Tries To Rob Elderly Man, … Quickly Realizes He Picked The WRONG VICTIM [VIDEO]


FN| A sixty-two-year-old man found himself in a bad situation in Buenos Aires, Argentina while sitting in his own vehicle when an armed assailant intent on robbing him approached his window. The robber would soon realize that he had picked the wrong victim however, in a decision he would never forget.

The suspect, identified as 40-year-old Ricardo Palazzo, began by banging on the glass of the trucks driver’s side window with his handgun, ordering the driver to open the door. Not one for complying, the would-be victim grabbed his own gun and opened fire on his attacker, hitting him three times. The suspect could be seen writhing on the floor after the shooting, though his current condition is unclear.

The CCTV footage captured the entire incident including the moment the robber took a shot to his shoulder and groin. He got what he deserved. The lesson here is to never underestimate someone.

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