Tomi Lahren puts Rapper in His Place with Education Lesson

Rapper Wale tried to diss Tomi Lahren in his new song but unfortunately for him he doesn’t actually know how to pronounce or spell her name.

According to Fox News– If you’re going to call someone out in a song, at least get their name right.

Rapper Wale took a swipe at Blaze host Tomi Lahren in his new song “Smile,” mispronouncing her name as “Tammy Lauren.”

“On behalf of Charlamagne I’m sure he ain’t trading sides/Maybe I should meet TomiLahren, I’ll Lauryn Hill her/Trainor, she miseducated anyway/Prolly hate the color of my face,” Wale raps in the song.

Wale responded, “Ok Tammy,” to which Lahren said, “Ok Whale.”

Listen to song below: 

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