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Trump Gives The Best Response To The City After Being Told To Take Down The American Flag


Trump is a patriot. I don’t care what libs try  to pitch..the man loves our country. So when officials approached him to take down his American flag..he responded the only was Trump would. Check this out:

VIA| Donald Trump is true American. On one of his luxurious properties in Palm Beach, Florida, Trump proudly flies the American flag.

 Now, it appears that Trump may be punished for flying the flag at Mar-a-Lago, given that authorities found that the it was hung at 50 feet. City ordinances call for flag poles to be kept under 30 feet.

If charges hold, Trump could be forced to pay $120,000. For what? Being extra patriotic?

Trump was determined not to remove the flag, so he decided to lower it to 30 feet. He also called for the city to donate the fine to veterans organizations.

“I’m a very patriotic guy,” Trump said in a statement. “I’m very proud of the country, and I don’t want to take down the American flag. And I don’t believe you need permits to put up the American flag.”

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