Trump Sets Another Record, Beating Reagan By Double Digits


When You Can’t Find The Right Person…

You Let Them Know ” You’re Fire”

Draining the swamp requires one thing. Trust. You have to trust the people that you work around. If not, you send them down the river. President Trump knows exactly what he needs to do to make sure the swamp creatures are GONE! He’s fired more senior staffers than Reagan. That’s awesome. Getting rid of garbage is necessary

Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump has one of the highest White House senior staff turnover rates in modern history, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The WSJ, citing data from the Brookings Institution, found that 34 percent of senior officials were either fired or resigned within the first year of Trump’s presidency. Trump’s first national security advisor Mike Flynn set the record for serving the shortest in his post with 25 days. Prior to Flynn, the shortest serving national security advisor was William Harding Jackson under former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Jackson served in the post for a period of 129 days.

White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci lasted only ten days as White House Communications Director, making him one of the shortest-lived White House senior staffers in modern memory.

Brookings Institution scholar Kathryn Dunn-Tenpas told TheWSJ the only presidency in modern memory with a comparable turnover rate belonged to former President Ronald Reagan, who had 17 percent of his senior staff leave in his first year in office.


“The first year always seems to have some missteps on staffing, often because the skills that worked well running a campaign don’t always align with what it takes to run a government. In this case, it’s a president with no experience in government and people around him who also had no experience,” she explained. “It’s not surprising that it’s higher than normal, but it’s still surprising it’s this high.”

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