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Trump’s New Immigration Bill Will Shock Liberals: Must Speak English!


In a speech Wednesday in the White House’s Roosevelt Room, President Donald Trump endorsed a bill aimed at reforming the U.S. immigration system by scaling back the number of immigrants entering the country.

The Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) bill, was introduced by Republican Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas, and David Perdue of Georgia. Trump says:

“It establishes a “points-based system for acquiring a green card while also preventing immigrants from collecting welfare. The RAISE Act will reduce poverty, increase wages and save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars.”

The bill will alter the U.S. immigration system to favor immigrants who speak English, have financial stability and demonstrate useful skills.

“This legislation demonstrates our passion for struggling American families. The change in immigration policy puts America first. The current immigration system “has not been fair to our people, to our citizens, to our workers.”

Watch Trump, Cotton, and Perdue talk about the RAISE Bill here:


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