U.S. STEEL MANAGER Just Did What The Mainstream Media REFUSES To Do


A U.S. steel manager just did what the mainstream media refuses to do on a daily basis, that is acknowledging the good President Trump is doing.

For those who rely on media sites like CNN, their view of President Trump is sadly skewed by the one sided reporting. The mainstream media can take a good thing our president has accomplished and flip it into something horrendous. Like the stand he has taken on illegal immigration.

America is in desperate need of wisdom and truth. A balanced truth that looks at the whole picture, the good and the bad, the weaknesses and the strengths. This is NOT what we’re seeing in mainstream media. Thankfully, inspiring stories like this one pop up throughout social media to shine a light on the good that President Trump is, in fact, doing.

Last week President Trump arrived in Granite City, IL because a celebration was in order. President Trump’s success in bringing jobs back to America has lead to the opening of a steel plant in Granite City. The steel industry workers knew where the credit was due.

U.S. Steel Manager Neal Whitt praised President Trump for the opening of the steel plant and the many jobs it would provide to their city. “I look around here today and I see the smiling faces, we owe that to you Mr. President. Thank you very much.”

In another interview that wasn’t shown on CNN or NBC, a steel worker who listened to President Trump’s speech on reopening the steel plant in Illinois had nothing but positive things to say about our President.

This is a wonderful time to be an American! President Trump is doing amazing things for our economy. I hope that those who rely on mainstream media for their information do a little more digging to see the truth for themselves.

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