U.S. student dies after North Korean captivity. Kim Jong Un feels more powerful than ever!


After arriving in Cincinnati on a medevac flight nearly a week ago, the 22-year-old American student, Otto Warmbier, who was held captive in North Korea since January 2016, died Monday afternoon, after being in a coma for 15-months.

North Koreans claim they released Warmbier on “humanitarian grounds,” but they also said Warmbier had botulism as a result of his coma – and that turned out to be a lie, as proven by American doctors. Rather, Warmbier was released because they did not want him to die on North Korean soil.

Warbier’s death so soon after his release, is bound to affect American policy toward the Kim Jong Un regime, just as the beheading of James Foley by ISIS in August 2014 affected the Obama administration’s Middle Eastern policy.

As President Trump tries to disarm North Korea, the White House is still waiting for Beijing to help. But now, with this American student’s death, it should only add pressure on China to act now.

Unless the American people are willing to accept the treatment and tragedies like this on a regular basis, North Korea needs to be punished.

University of Cincinnati Medical Center doctors found no traces of botulism – as reported by North Korea – but did find dead brain tissue, and described his condition as “unresponsive wakefulness.” However, the coma was most likely the result of severe trauma that prevented blood flow to the brain.

North Korean officials tried to hide Warmbier’s condition until Pyongyang’s U.N. ambassador told Joseph Yun, the State Department’s special envoy for North Korea, on June 6th that Warmbier was in a coma. Yun then secured Warmbier’s release after traveling to North Korea.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson suggested last Wednesday in testimony to the House Foreign Affairs Committee that North Korea’s travel advisory should turn into a travel ban.

Kim Jong Un and Kim Jong Il, his father, apparently thought kidnapping Americans resulted in an endless stream of bargaining chips, but now, Washington has to switch its approach from rescuing individual Americans to preventing these in the first place.

North Korea should once more take its place on the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism. For decades, Washington has worried about the consequences of action on North Korea, and because of that, they’ve done next to nothing. The Kim family has counterfeit American currency, built nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, and cyberattacked American businesses. Now, the brainwashed country feels secure enough to kill an American.

North Koreans thought it was safe to brutalize Otto Warmbier, but now more than ever, the United States needs to make sure they never harm another American again.

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