UCONN Cancels Owen Benjamin’s Show due to His View On Trans Kids


Comedian Owen Benjamin announces on Twitter his gig at the University of Connecticut was just canceled because of his views on giving transgender kids hormones.

Here was the email he tweeted out Wednesday:

transgender kids

The post on UCONN’s website announcing Benjamin’s concert originally read:

Get ready to laugh with Owen Benjamin. Nothing says comedy like a man with a piano! Doors open at 6:30, get your free seats while they’re available.

In the video posted by Benjamin below, he says he originally identified as a liberal, but now says he’s learning he’s a conservative saying:

“I came into L.A. as a liberal, but I’ve found that I’m leaving as a conservative.”

Tuesday, Benjamin spoke to college students about writing comedy in a post-Trump world. One student asked about his views on transgenders. Here was his response in a video he posted to his YouTube page:

College Kid Asks Me About Trans and Free Speech Tweets Response is Unexpected

Here’s Benjamin’s full talk here:

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