Now The Vandals Are Attacking Statues Of Catholic Saints


As President Donald Trump said, the totalitarian mob rule of removing statues people find offensive has a slippery slope descending into darkness.

People are now calling for the removal of George Washington’s statue and the Jefferson Memorial, but now, vandals in California are pointing their crosshairs at recently-canonized St. Junipero Serra.

A CBS Local report posted a photo circulating the rounds on Facebook, showing a statue of Junipero Serra alongside a Native American boy in a park across from Mission San Fernando that was vandalized with red paint and the word “murder” written in white, and the Native American boy had a swastika painted across his chest.

City officials still haven’t confirm the photo’s authenticity; however, investigators went to the site and did see red paint on Serra’s arm and a swastika painted on the child next to him. This means the neighboring Catholic mission tried to cleaned the statue as best they could to avoid drawing controversy.

Whenever the Left gets their hands on controversy like this, they always show up to get their inner Bolshevik on. In the report, some of the people interviewed by CBS expressed their disapproval of the statue’s presence, claiming St. Junipero Serra sought the destruction of Native American culture. Cristian Ramirez saying:

“I think the statue should come down from this park, and then put some appreciation to the Native people that live here. We don’t want this violent history to be praised in our community.”

Pope Francis canonized Father Junipero Serra for Sainthood in 2015. A year later, the Left and SJW snowflakes claim Junipero had a violent history toward Native Americans, with even the LA Times saying “Junipero Serra’s inhumanity was insult to Native Americans.”

Archaeology professor Reuben Mendoza of Cal State Monterrey Bay debunked this saying:

“When he died, many native peoples came to the mission for his burial. They openly wept. Others of his colleagues and even colonists believed that he would be made a saint because of the way he had lived his life, a self-effacing life of a martyr. Because of what he had achieved in his life, even then they had talked about his impending canonization.”


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  1. CPH

    August 21, 2017 at 12:24 pm

    The liberals and others that want to remove or re-write our history amount to beign for nazism. They should be treated like terrorists.

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