This SWAT Veteran Has a List of Demands for Colin Kaepernick


Last week, Kaepernick’s supporters descended upon the NFL headquarters in New York City.  A SWAT veteran has a response for all these cop haters.

First, let’s spotlight exactly what the protestors demand.  The list from Kaepernick’s supporters go above and beyond the abilities of the NFL.

From the protestors’ statement:

We are requesting the NFL implement a policy guaranteeing the freedom of speech of players to express concerns on social justice issues. These issues include, but are not limited to: racial inequality, police brutality, criminal justice reform, immigration reform, gender pay equity and reproductive rights.

Furthermore, within this policy, the NFL shall safeguard players from intimidation, ostracization, and exclusion by owners, sponsors, coaches, players, and staff. Any team suspected of prohibiting or outright denying a player his rights shall be punished under the tampering guidelines set forth by the NFL.

Secondly, it is indisputable that long held racial beliefs are embedded in the fabric of the NFL and many of these beliefs still given who makes it to the field. To that end, we are requesting the NFL establish a unit tasked with developing a league wide plan to improve racial equity. This unit shall provide recommendations to the NFL leadership and the NFL shall provide considerable resources to implement the recommendations.

Basically, the NFL is now to be tasked with solving racism.  All this fuss over an average quarterback at the end of his career.

Now, let’s not waste any more time on these ridiculous demands.  Let’s focus instead on a list of demands for Kaepernick and his supporters.  Steve B. is a 12 year veteran of both patrol and SWAT teams.

In my opinion, he nails just why Kaepernick’s crusade seems a little off.  It does not treat the players with disrespect.  Instead, he aims more at getting them to understand just what police must go through.  Mutual understanding is half of the battle.  Unfortunately, Kaepernick’s side doesn’t seem up for negotiations.

Here is Steve B.’s statement:

I would tell him how his uneducated and disrespectful actions, particularly in a time of war, give aid, comfort, and encouragement to our enemies.

I would make each one of the disrespectful players participate in a police academy session with role players and simulation weapons. I would have them all meet with Gold Star families.

I would specifically call Kaepernick out for his lack of truthful information, his lack of taking action (you don’t see him patrolling Chicago), and that this is just a manipulative attempt to stay relevant, create drama and claim he is a victim in true narcissistic fashion.

Without doing proper research and due diligence, he bought into the phony Black Lives Matter narrative about how more African Americans had been killed by police. FBI statistics for decades prove this false as does a recent article by the ultra liberal Washington Post.

He also failed to address the black-on-black murder/crime rates. To my knowledge, he has never gone on a ride-along with police or undergone a ‘shoot/don’t shoot’ training simulation.

The NFL is a business, and players owe the teams and fans loyalty and respect. These players show GREAT disrespect to law enforcement & military veterans who lived, fought, were injured and wounded, and were buried under that flag.

He created drama that has hurt the NFL image and provided an unnecessary distraction. In the business world, he’s a poor investment.

What side are you on?

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  1. Richard Vivian

    August 31, 2017 at 10:29 am

    What else do these protesters want, most of them have more out of life than alot of us. If the Team owners cave in to these demands, even Though I love sports, I WILL NOT WATCH ANY FOOTBALL GAMES. ALL THIS

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