Video Shows TV Star Snorting Cocaine Like It’s Going Out Of Fashion

SOURCE | Made in Chelsea star Olivia Bentley has been having a difficult time of late. First off, the reality TV show’s claims that Olivia is a direct descendant of Bentley Motors founder W.O. Bentley turned out to be fake.

That’s pretty embarrassing when you’re the star of a show that counts the heir to the Quality Street fortune, the McVities fortune and a member of Russian aristocracy among its cast of characters.


However, it looks like 21-year-old Olivia’s decided to bury her head in the… suspicious white powder she was spotted sniffing in a video obtained by The Sun. The video, which was filmed during a Chelsea house party, sees Olivia brazenly sniffing the powder from the table with the help of a banknote.


After sniffing up the line, the video shows Bentley lifting her finger to dab at the remaining substance on the glass and licking her finger. But hey, it could just be a really tasty line of sugar, right?

“She brazenly sat there doing drugs in front of a roomful of people,” a witness told The Sun.  “She comes across as a bit of a goody two shoes, so I couldn’t believe it. There were about 30 people there. Because it was in Chelsea, her stomping ground, she knew most of them. But there were people she didn’t know. I was shocked she’d do drugs in front of them. She’ll regret it if she is booted off the show.”

Olivia isn’t the first Made in Chelsea star to find themselves caught up in a cocaine scandal. Back in 2012, Spencer Matthew, one of the show’s main characters, was caught on camera sniffing a fair few lines of the stuff.

Surprisingly, the video didn’t appear to harm his reputation one jot and he remained one of the show’s main characters for another three years. I’m willing to bet poor old Olivia is praying she gets the same treatment.

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