Hurricane Harvey Survivors Change Their Opinions of President Trump


President Trump visited the disaster site of Hurricane Harvey for the second time this past week.  Although the mainstream media refuses to budge, the president has changed a few opinions of the survivors.

On his second visit, President Trump visited a shelter in Houston.  While he was there, he put on latex gloves and handed out pre-packed lunches of hot dogs and chips.  He helped load relief supplies to be shipped to other shelters.  When asked about all the work, he called it “good exercise”.

POTUS also made sure to interact with evacuees and survivors.  He spoke to adults and kissed children.  At one point, a group of evacuees sheepishly asked Trump for a selfie.  President Trump more than obliged them.

The photo is a heartwarming testament to the tenacity of Houstonians in this difficult time.  Everyone is all smiles even in spite of having lost everything.

After taking the picture, the lady in the pink shirt said, “I just met my president!”

The women in this photo once considered Trump an enemy.  After sharing these precious few moments with him, their opinions of POTUS flipped.  They used the words “kind” and “reassuring” in interviews.

Unlike President Obama, Trump was only trying to boost morale to a very downtrodden group of people.  Approval points are something that our POTUS has never been after.  He seeks to be honest with the American people and hope that will shine through all the garbage the liberal media puts out to the public.

Here is another shot of the family taking their famous selfie:

The second trip is considered by many as a “do-over” from his last trip.  Trump was heavily criticized for not interacting with enough survivors on his first visit to Houston.

It should be noted that Trump is a businessman turned politician.  While he might have not gotten it right the first time, at least he is clearly learning from his mistakes.


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