WATCH: Cartel Gunmen Fire on Tourists at Mexican Vacation Spot


Tourists visiting a popular beach in Mexico’s Los Cabos capture the moment when cartel gunmen storm a beach, unleashing machine gun fire, killing 3 men and injuring 2 others. Over the weekend, the once quiet resort area saw 11 confirmed murders.

Cell phone video obtained by Semanario Zeta reveal the moment when gunmen unleashed barrages of automatic gunfire at beach goers.

Mexico’s El Universal reports the gunmen stormed Palmilla Beach in San Jose del Cabo in Baja California Sur, targeting 3 men sitting under a palm tree. During the shooting, stray bullets hit a man and a woman who were nearby.

After that attack, police report other murders in the area leading to a total of 11 during the weekend in Los Cabos.

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