Even CNN Had to Commend Trump for this Classy Move


Since their arrival in the White House, the Trumps have shown the utmost respect to members of the military.

July 8 was no different. As President Donald Trump returned from the G-20 summit, he boarded Marine One in the exact moment that a Marine’s hat blew off.  The president stopped to pick up the hat and then placed it, once again, on the Marine’s head.

The hat blew off a second time and Trump again went to retrieve the hat.  Even CNN, one of Trump’s harshest critics, couldn’t help but admire the respectful gesture.  Pretty shocking considering they’ve been on a campaign to dehumanize the president for almost two years.

This is a sharp transition from the respect, or lack thereof, that Barack Obama showed the military while in office, but we’re not complaining.

Watch the video:

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