WATCH: Jake Tapper Tells Dem Senator ” Not To Answer The Question” Was Meant For NRA


CNN Is Doing Everything In Their Power To Push Gun Control

CNN has a track record of staging events, and scripting Politicians as well as the public to push their leftist agenda. CNN is now trying to capitalize on the Parkland Highschool shooting that took 17 lives recently.

David Hogg, a “Student” at the school has been at the forefront of covering this event. He and other students are organizing people to help push Gun Control. The only problem is Mr. Hogg has been in the media before and loves being on camera. He’s now being labeled as a “Crisis Actor” who are using this massacre to get attention. Hogg’s father is a former FBI agent that’s been vocal in favor of Gun Control.



The girl is clearly reading a script, and is being coached by CNN. These questions are bogus, and were only meant to attack the NRA, Dana, and Rubio. Jake Tapper confirms this after he tells Senator Bill Nelson to not asnwer the question that it was meant for Dana, and the NRA. How can these people keep getting away with this? It doesn’t make any sense.

CNN is pushing their agenda more than ever. President Trump has been calling them out since day one. POTUS recently slammed CNN, and NBC calling them “Fake News”


The Liberal Uptopian dream will never happen. I don’t think liberals understand that the American people will win every single time.

1776 isn’t far from our reach.

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