Welfare Queen Attacks Guy In Store For Being White


Race-baiters are constantly whining about how “racist” white people are, but they ignore the fact that THEY themselves are the actual racist ones.

It’s 2017, and the terms ‘Neo-Nazi’ and ‘white supremacist’ are on the lips of nearly every liberal you talk to.

What happened in the last 8 years, to where no one respects each other for who they are as a human? It seems we are obsessed with classifying people into groups that, many times, they have absolutely nothing to do with.

Since when did it become a “thing” to call everyone who is somewhat patriotic or simply white…a racist? And why won’t anyone acknowledge the fact that it is absolutely two sided.

In this video, a blatantly racist welfare queen attacks a man for one reason: He is white.

Isn’t this racism? Or can only white people be racist?

You’ve got to see how this one ends…

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The American Patriot

A WWII Veteran and and political office holder, Myron has been serving his community since 1943. He continues to participate in public discourse as a political writer on several Conservative journals and news sites.

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