White House Releases Staff Salaries. How Much Jared and Ivanka Make Is Stunning!


It’s a stunning move by the White House – it released all the salaries of its staffers Friday, and in it, some very interesting points.

The annual requirement to disclose the annual salaries to Congress has been a tradition since 1995. The report reveals the Donald Trump administration has 25-staffers, all who hold the title of “assistant to the President,” and they all make an annual salary of about $180,000.

Also posted in the 16-page document are the salaries of the executive office staff showing the annual salary of about 400-employees, 18 of which are “detailees,” meaning people who were pulled from another agency or organization, and brought on to serve temporarily in the White House.


If you take a closer look, you see the salaries of the President’s closest advisers – son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka Trump. The two, along with several others, have been critiqued heavily for being too close to the President, and also having some major personal gains as members of Trump’s inner circle. But two numbers are about to change all that…

The salaries of Kushner and Trump… $0.00. ZERO!

This took many by surprise, but both Ivanka and Jared have complied with ethics laws, sharing their money comes from their businesses.

According to the Office of Government Ethics, both Jared and Ivanka have sold as much as $36.7 million in assets to comply with federal ethics rules.

So the next time you hear some bleeding-heart liberal tell you that Ivanka and Jared are getting a big chunk of change for working for the big guy at the White House, make sure you tell them once again, the facts are wrong, they both make ZILCH, and they should probably buy them a drink… because they both could probably use it!

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