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WOW: LGBT Republican DESTROYS Adam Rippon “You Pertentious Queen”


Adam Rippon Just Had His Ass Handed To Him By An LGBT Republican.

We need more Gay Republicans like Ethan Sabo!Not only did he tell it like it is without being a total and complete asshole, he made sure Adam understands what its like to be an American. There are very few like Ethan out there. Milo is one of them, but a bit more flaming. Hope you enjoy this letting, and make sure you share it all over the interwebz. We need Adam to read this!


Dear Bronze Bottom Queen (Aka Adam Rippon)

Congratulations on making it to South Korea. I would never doubt your talent. I’ve watched you among many other Olympians. My grandmother was a seamstress who worked day in and day out ruining her back to create beautiful sequin outfits for great ice skaters like Tara Lipinski and Christina Yamaguchi. Those were the days. Two very talented women who stuck to skating, and left their political opinions to themselves. Unlike you, they had class. Unlike you, they were elegant figure skaters that knew how to win. They didn’t allow their petty political thoughts to overload their mouths. The accusations you’ve made have all been proven wrong. You should do some better research on terminology. President Trump and Vice President Pence are NOTHING like you’ve compared them too. Hillary Clinton took millions of dollars from people that want to murder fags like us. However, you looked past that and still endorsed her while slamming our great President. See, the difference between you and I is I understand facts, and nothing I believe is based on emotion. Unlike you, I think for myself, and won’t allow the media to persuade me into what I think or say. Unlike you, I understand what it is to be an American who isn’t entitled to anything….. To Read More Click HERE!


Redstate also had a fantastic article

Gay people are about as common as gray on a rat in today’s society. Gay people at the Olympics doesn’t move the shock needle one iota for the majority of us, and it certainly doesn’t seem to bother Pence. Hell, like many people, I spent the majority of my life assuming most male figure skaters were gay.

The bottom line is that being gay doesn’t make you special, it makes you gay. It doesn’t make you a cultural mouthpiece for the western world, nor does it make you a mouthpiece for the LGBT community at large. It’s a diverse crowd with diverse opinions, and I know too many who roll their eyes so hard at the behavior of people like Kenworthy and Rippon that they nearly fall out of their sockets.

Outrage about gay outrage is old hat. Kenworthy needs to understand that we are used to it, and that’s all thanks to braver people who came before him. He and Rippon are nothing special, just two more dudes patting themselves on the back for their identity politics while they attempt to paint their political rivals as evil.

You’re gay. Get over it.


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  1. Lee Vail

    February 14, 2018 at 4:29 pm

    Cancelling this nonsense, homosexuality is a mental disorder and is unacceptable in a normal society.

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