Honestly what is this world coming to? I understand not liking it when people eat your food without asking but to shoot them over it?

That’s just insane and clearly this man is in need of some serious anger management.

Via: A man who got upset when his wife took a bite of his grilled cheese sandwich opened fire inside his home and sparked an hours-long standoff with police, according to authorities.

Baltimore County police worked to diffuse the bizarre situation Sunday night.

During the standoff, a woman and three teenagers ran outside the home and told officers a man started shooting through the basement floor after he found out someone ate a piece of his sandwich.

Police said Daniel Brian Blackwell, 55, then barricaded himself inside the home for nearly three hours.

The standoff apparently ended when Blackwell stepped out on the front porch, allowing officers to use pepper balls to subdue him and bring him into custody.

Police later found 15 guns inside the home. Blackwell is not legally allowed to own guns because of prior assault convictions.

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