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“Racism: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capabilities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.”  Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary. 

A “racist” is a person who believes that one race of people is superior to another race.  A person from any race can be racist.  A “racist” is NOT a person who votes differently than you.  A “racist” is NOT a person who holds ideas, thoughts & beliefs different from yours.  Indeed, if you believe that, YOU need to reflect upon why YOU think YOU are superior to others.


Is a black American racist because she voted for Trump?  Is a Hispanic-American racist because he wants the Feds to secure the border?  Is a Pakistani-American racist because she wants a safe neighborhood, free of gang violence?  Is an American mother racist because she believes the quality of HER kids’ education should not be decreased due to the arrival of foreign kids?  Is a crime victim racist because he wants strong law enforcement?  Is an employer racist because he wants to hire the most qualified applicant?

Dems, Liberals and the Mainstream Media would have you believe that THESE Americans are racist.  Why?  Because they want them to shut up, that’s why.  They want to embarrass & humiliate them into keeping their thoughts to themselves.  They want to shame them into silence.  They want to steal their First Amendment Rights away from them.  Why?  So, Liberals can pretend that THEY are the majority.  They aren’t.


In 2006 this writer, an Oregon attorney, attended a meeting of about 20 attorneys to discuss issues before the Oregon State Bar.  The invited attendees were all attorneys who had been elected to represent attorneys in their regions of Oregon.  The annual convention was scheduled for the following month, so there was much to discuss.

In fear that “conservative” ideas might be discussed & approved, one Liberal invitee brought four people who had not been invited.  Indeed, two of them were not even attorneys, but they were Liberals activists.  These five manipulated and maneuvered the discussion as best they could.  About two-thirds of the way through the meeting one of them became frustrated so he implied that the one who originally organized the meeting was a racist.  THE “RACIST” DID NOT SAY ANOTHER WORD.

Because most people are embarrassed and ashamed to be seen as racist, especially if they aren’t, this is an effective way to block non-Liberal ideas from being heard.  Indeed, in fear that I would be called a racist, too, this writer said very little the rest of the meeting.  Liberals killed the First Amendment that day without firing a shot.

This very same event has been happening all across the country these last 20+ years.  And it has been very effective.  The Libs gave this anti-speech tactic vitamin shots during the election, and put it on steroids November 9, 2016.  Well, steroids cause cancer and the tumor is blocking off the blood supply to Libs’ brains.


Several decades ago uttering the “F” word just was not done, even in private.  And it would NEVER be seen in print.  Television and Radio?  The broadcasters could lose their FCC licenses.  People really were shocked to hear that word.  Many would not listen to a TV or radio program that regularly utilized profanity.  Moreover, use of the “F” word painted the user as having no class.

During the 1960s & 1970s, the “F” word could be heard from time to time being used by Baby Boomers.  As time went on, the F-Bomb could be heard & seen more & more, usually used to insult others.  “F*** you” became a popular insult.  It was everywhere.  It marked a person as uneducated and inarticulate; nevertheless, some used it in virtually every other sentence.  With one million and one English words to choose from, only a person with a very poor vocabulary and no ideas would need to use the same word over & over & over.

Regardless, one can see and hear the F-bomb everywhere today.  It has lost its shock value through overuse and misuse.  The same is currently happening to the word “racist.”


The shock value of the “F” word is long gone.  With its blatant overuse & misuse, it has lost its original meaning which was “sexual intercourse.”  Classy people did not like it so the hippie counterculture used it to insult their fellow Americans.  The same is happening to the word “racist.”  The original meaning was a person who believed certain races were inferior to certain other races.  Since the 2016 presidential election Dems, Liberals, Antifa & Alt-Left have been throwing around the “you are a racist” insult far and wide.

Whenever Liberals are losing a political argument, they use it.  Whenever Liberals are not getting their way, they use it.  Whenever President Trump is doing something to improve the lives of all Americans, regardless of race, Liberals drag out “racist!”  They have nothing left in their dog-eared, disgustingly filthy playbook.  They are devoid of fresh ideas.  They are losing their grip on American politics and culture.  And they are desperate!!!

Liberals have overused and misused “racist” so much since Trump won the GOP nomination two years ago this month, that it is losing its meaning.  It is losing its ability to shock, embarrass, shame and humiliate.  Like the F-bomb, it is being used by people devoid of ideas, and against those who are full of solutions for America’s problems.  Will being called “racist” by a Liberal become a badge of honor?

Diane L. Gruber

Proud American

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